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Radial Labs is dedicated to improving people‛s music listening experience by creating innovative new products and core technology for the next generation of HiFi components. We solve the ongoing problems that prevent people from enjoying more music in more places and more times of their lives by leveraging the technologies of our times – Wireless, Networks and Digital Signal Processing. Our solutions are focused on the broad consumer market, where ease-of-use is a primary goal, along with very high fidelity, and lightweight portability. We are staking intellectual property claims for these next generation components, and plan for long term revenues from licensing our technology. We are looking for a select group of market development partners to create complementary products for different market segments and channels. We have designed and built OEM modules that can be quickly customized for particular products, offering quick time to market and reduced technical risks for our market development partners. We have created complete reference designs, and offer design, engineering and manufacturing support to ensure the quality of the products in the marketplace.


Pat Downes

Co-founder and CEO of RadialLabs

In his dual-role as Chief Product Officer, Pat leads the company’s product concepts and roadmaps, user interfaces, and system architecture.
Pat has been involved in high quality audio systems and user interfaces for most of his life, with experience as an entrepreneur, design engineer, and recording engineer. Pat started his career at Scripps Institution of Oceanography designing SONAR and data acquisition systems. He founded Palmtree Instruments in 1985, where he designed, manufactured and marketed two electronic musical instruments, the Airdrums and Airtrigger, and was granted a patent for an inertial sensing device and processor. At Palmtree he also developed and marketed a real-time multi-speaker interactive sound system for flight simulators and Virtual Reality amusement park rides, which was licensed to Iwerks Entertainment, Evans and Sutherland, and others.
Pat has served as a multi-channel and audio DSP consultant to LucasArts, Iwerks Entertainment, Evans and Sutherland, Digidesign, the University of California San Diego Center for Music Experiment, Gossett and Gunter, General Magic, Navitel/Spyglass, Malleable/PMCS and others, and has held key positions at Frox and Intelidata Technologies. Pat received a Sc.B. degree in Electrical Engineering from Brown University.

Leland Lew

Co-founder, President, and Secretary of Radial Labs

Prior to Radial Labs, Leland was with startup Clarity Wireless (later acquired by Cisco Systems), where he led the hardware architecture and development of revolutionary broadband fixed wireless and 802.11 WLAN products. Prior to Clarity/Cisco, Leland was involved in several other early-stage startups. At InteliData Technologies, as Director of Hardware Engineering, Leland architected and developed DSP-based networked desktop screenphones. At General Magic. Leland architected and developed first-generation PDAs in partnership with numerous top-tier consumer electronic companies, such as Sony, Motorola, Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, etc.
Leland was also responsible for a wide range of technical and management roles at Frox (revolutionary home-entertainment set-top boxes, based on digital video/audio technologies), and Applied Signal Technology and ARGOSystems (both industry leaders in advanced DSP and communications systems). Leland received a BS degree in Biochemistry and was in the MS Electrical Engineering program, both at the University of California, Davis.

Dr. Eric J. Rossin

Co-founder, Chairman of the Board, and CFO of Radial Labs

Prior to Radial Labs, Eric was a co-founder of Alantro Communications, and served as its President and Director of Engineering from Alantro's inception in 1997 until its acquisition by Texas Instruments in June 2000. Alantro was instrumental in driving the development and later adoption of the high-rate IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN standard which later became known as "Wi-Fi". Following the acquisition, Eric was Director of R&D for the Wireless LAN Business Unit at Texas Instruments.
Before Alantro, Eric was a principal engineer with Next Level Communications. Previous to that, Eric held various engineering and management positions at InteliData Technologies and Applied Signal Technology. Eric has also worked extensively as an engineering consultant in the telecommunications industry. Eric holds a PhD (Coding and Information Theory), MEng, and BS degrees, all in Electrical Engineering, from Cornell University.

advisory board

Prof. Alan Oppenheim

Ford Professor of Engineering at MIT

Alan V. Oppenheim received the S.B. and S.M. degrees in 1961 and the Sc.D. degree in 1964, all in electrical engineering, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also the recipient of an honorary doctorate from TelAviv University. In 1964, Dr. Oppenheim joined the faculty at MIT, where he is currently Ford Professor of Engineering and a MacVicar Faculty Fellow. He founded the Digital Signal Processing Group in the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics in 1969. Since 1967 he has been affiliated with MIT Lincoln Laboratory and since 1977 with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. His research interests are in the general area of signal processing and its applications. He is coauthor of the widely used textbooks ‘Discrete-Time Signal Processing’ and ‘Signals and Systems’. He is also editor of several advanced books on signal processing. He is actively involved with a number of early stage ventures in the general area of signal processing.
Dr. Oppenheim is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the IEEE, a member of Sigma Xi and Eta Kappa Nu. He has been a Guggenheim Fellow and a Sackler Fellow. He has also received a number of awards for outstanding research and teaching, including the IEEE Education Medal, the IEEE Centennial Award, the Society Award, the Technical Achievement Award and the Senior Award of the IEEE Society on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. He has also received a number of awards at MIT for excellence in teaching, including the Bose Award and the Everett Moore Baker Award.

Sherwin Greenblatt

Past President, Bose Corporation

Sherwin Greenblatt, retired from Bose Corporation, was the first employee of Dr. Amar Bose, his former professor at MIT. As a project engineer, he worked on the early development of Bose high fidelity loudspeakers and related electronic systems. As the company grew, he held the positions of Chief Engineer, Director of Engineering, Executive Vice President and for 15 years, President. He has been a community and professional leader, having been a member of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, served as Chair of the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce and as Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Framingham State College. Bose Corporation was a founding member of the Center for Quality of Management and Mr. Greenblatt has served on the CQM Board of Directors since its inception.
Presently, he volunteers his time as Director of the MIT Venture Mentoring Service. He also serves on the Graduate Advisory Board of Babson College. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees, both in Electrical Engineering, from MIT.

Dave Lyon

VP of Strategic Development, RF Micro Devices

For over thirty years Dave Lyon has been an active participant in the telecommunications industry as a designer, inventor, general manager and entrepreneur. He started his first company, Pacific Communication Sciences Inc. (PCSI), in 1987 as its first employee and CEO and grew it to a profitable operation with over 500 employees and $140 million in annual revenues eight years later. More recently he was CEO of Silicon Wave, a company which helped pioneer the Bluetooth wireless personal area networking standard. Silicon Wave was acquired by RF Micro Devices (Nasdaq: RFMD) in May, 2004.
In the mid-80's while still at M/A-Com Linkabit, Dave drove the development and initial sales of the Personal Earth Station line of VSATs later acquired and marketed by Hughes Network Systems, with cumulative revenues in the many billions of dollars. In the early 90's he helped create and manage a portfolio of products which PCSI supplied to its Japanese partners for the build out and launch of the Personal Handy System (PHS) of DDI.
Dave is currently VP of Strategic Development for RFMD, serves as an operating partner of Ampersand Ventures, is an advisory board member and co-founder of the San Diego Telecom Council, and serves as an advisor to a number of early stage companies. He earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1972.

David Ritchie

Partner and Attorney At Law, Thelen Reid & Priest LLP

David specializes in patents, trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property, and contract law. David received his B.S. degree, cum laude, in Economics from the California Institute of Technology, and his J.D. degree from the University of Southern California.


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